Based on the novel by George Orwell
Adapted, Directed, and Designed
by Michael Hollingsworth

1984 premiered at the Horseshoe Tavern, Toronto, July/August 1979.  Then went on to play Vancouver East Cultural Centre, September 1979; Southern Alberta Institute of Technology, September 1979; McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario, September 1979; Institute of Contemporary Art, London, England, October 1979; The Annex Theatre, Toronto, February 1980; Toronto Workshop Productions, March - April, 1981; 149 Yonge, March-May 1982 and finally The Cameron House, June 1983


1984 stage shot


Winston Smith, citizen and traitor, is in the final stages of a "cure" administered by O'Brien, a high ranking member of the Inner Party whom Winston once believed to be a fellow conspirator and revolutionary.  Winston has been tortured since his arrest, broken physically and then rehabilitated to undergo the spiritual destruction that is O'Brien's specialty.

Winston is confronted with evidence of his  crimes - FaceCrime in the cafeteria, Thoughtcrime in the pages of a secret diary, SexCrime with Julia, Doubleplusungood Treason in O'Brien's own home - all videotaped by the ever-watchful electronic eyes of Big Brother.

With the Past, Present and Future in their absolute control, O'Brien and the Thought Police assault Winston's reason with unthinkable Doublethink, and threaten his soul with the unspeakable terrors of Room 101.

1984 is adapted for the stage as video performance according to Orwell’s maxim – Whoever controls the Present controls the Past; whoever controls the Past controls the Future.