held over

Written and Directed by Michael Hollingsworth
With Aurora Browne, Richard Alan Campbell, Cyrus Faird,
Mac Fyfe, Craig Lauzon, Linda Prystawska and Michaela Washburn

The reviews are in, and the critics agree:
Trudeau & Lévesque is...

"A smashing sequel to the 2014
hit Trudeau & the FLQ”
- Globe and Mail

“Great theatre…
the audience was rapt.”
- Toronto Star


History of the Village of the Small Huts 1963-1970
Running May 12 - June 14, 2015
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And the new production

History of the Village of the Small Huts 1971-1982
Running April 25 - June 14, 2015
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“Dazzling history makes delicious entertainment”
Toronto Star

Starting May 12th
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As the play begins, Pierre Trudeau is a professor in Montreal. Around the world, a generation of post-colonial post-war babies is coming of age -- marching for peace or killing for independence. In Quebec, Francophone leaders are replacing Anglophone leaders and the ‘Quiet Revolution’ is under way. As the Front de Libération du Québec turns up the volume,
Trudeau pirouettes to power.

Prime Minister Trudeau and the FLQ are set on a collision course, bound for the ‘October Crisis’ when the most violent manifestations of Québec nationalism are answered by the heaviest federal response. Trudeau & the FLQ dramatises the first term of one of Canada’s most influential and controversial Prime Ministers during a crisis of nationhood.

The play also features Prime Minister Lester Pearson, General Charles De Gaulle, Queen Elizabeth, Maggie Sinclair, Jean Marchand, Robert Bourassa, James Cross, and fifty other historic and invented characters.

Trudeau & the FLQ received 2014 Dora Awards for
Outstanding Costume Design (Astrid Janson) and
Outstanding Performance by a Leading Man (Mac Fyfe),
plus Nominations for Outstanding Ensemble Acting, Direction and Production.


Starting April 27th
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The visions of Pierre Trudeau and Réné Levesque are irreconcilable; the conflict is une comédie noir.

Trudeau and Levesque continues the Trudeau saga from 1971 to 1982, dramatising the rise of
Rene Levesque and the Parti Quebecois, the decline of Maggie Trudeau, the first separatist Referendum, the repatriation of Canada’s constitution - much of the content is as urgent as tomorrow’s headlines.  And snaking through the better- known parts of the story, is the hush-hush intrigue of Claude Morin, PQ Minister, framer of the 1980 Quebec Referendum question, and longtime RCMP agent. 

Trudeau and Levesque is presented at a cinematic pace -- 120 scenes in two hours, plus intermission.
With music, video, and wild costumes, the splendid acting company  conjures up seventy seventies’
characters, from Mick Jagger to Joe Who.  

Combatants, allies, and spies include: PQ Minister Claude Morin and his RCMP handlers; Police informer Poupette and her lovers in the FLQ;  the Queen and a Gang of Premiers; plus Maggie Trudeau and the Rolling Stones.



Canada's History Plays

The History of the Village of the Small Huts

The achievement of playwright Michael Hollingsworth MH in Canoe
and his celebrated ensemble of actors and designers is without precedent. Since 1985 they have created more than twenty plays whose stories arc over centuries of time, dramatising our history from Chief Donnacona and Jacques Cartier to Prime Minister Mulroney and President George Bush.

Internationally-renowned designers Astrid Janson and Shadowland use the most economical materials to produce spectacular effects of costume and light, enabling seven superb actors to portray dozens of characters who embody an era, who conjure the drama of the debates and compromises that forge a nation.

The Great War, 2010

VideoCabaret’s work is recognized by dozens of Dora Awards and scores of Nominations. In 2011, the Silver Ticket Award for outstanding contribution to the Canadian Theatre was given to Michael Hollingsworth by previous honourees. Last season’s The War of 1812 won Dora Awards for Acting Ensemble, Direction and Costume Design, and also earned nominations in the categories of Lighting, Sound and Production.



“Anyone who can make Canadian history this witty and amusing deserves a medal --
the Order of Canada perhaps?”

- Toronto Star

“VideoCabaret put the ‘story’ back into history, and the result is hilarious and irresistible.”
- CBC Radio

“VideoCabaret is a theatrical treasure.”
- Globe & Mail

Red River Rebellion, 2005The War of 1812, 2012The Life and Times of Mackenzie King, 2011







The War of 1812

Mackenzie King









The famous interview with Pierre Trudeau...



Featuring photography, press, video and other items created for the premiere presentations
of Michael's Trudeau and the FLQ (1997), and Trudeau and the PQ (1998).

Trudeau and the PQ


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Trudeau and the FLQ


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Merci, merci, milles fois merci.

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